Edge City Denver: Ticketing Wiki

Welcome to the Edge City Denver Ticketing Wiki!

This resource is designed for ticket-holders (both 7-Day Pass Holders and single sub-event ticket holders), Check-In Attendants (both those hired by Invisible City and those hired by our partners)m leaders of Edge City Denver partner orgs, and the Edge City Denver team. It offers detailed information on the ticketing process and the innovative technologies being utilized for the event. Last updated: 2024-02-26

Philosophy of Ticketing at Edge City Denver

One of Edge City’s goals is to drive social innovation and the practical application of crypto technology—with a special focus on open-source and privacy-centric advancements.

This is why the Edge City team supported the development of Zupass in Montenegro and Istanbul and continue our partnership with the Zupass team to advance the field of zero-knowledge ticketing.

Our new collaboration with Lemonade, which is creating infrastructure for network societies that integrates with Zupass, is also central to our goal of helping advancing frontier tech.

Ticketing Process

Seven-Day Passes

  • Platform Used: Lemonade
  • Procedure: Attendees with seven-day passes will need to present their Zupass QR code (which Lemonade helps generate) to receive the corresponding 7-Day Pass wristband. See how to check these people in here.

Day (and Night) Events by Partners

  • Default Platform: Lu.ma (because the UX is so polished); Some partners like Scroll are using a different platform like Unlock Protocol.
  • Procedure: Attendees of single day / sub-events get checked in by Check-In Attendants contracted by Invisible City (the Edge City Denver venue), as well as by volunteers/staff of the sub-event. See here.

Check in starts at 8am and goes at least until 8pm every day during Edge City Denver, whose dates are Monday, Feb 26th to Sunday, March 3rd, 2024. If there are night events, check-in may go later than 8pm. Check in with Nora for clarification.

Zupass-Gated Telegram

Instructions for joining Edge City Telegram (as a 7-Day Pass Holder of Edge City Denver)

Check-In Process for 7-Day Pass Holders

If you are a Check-In Attendant hired by Invisible City (or Nora), you will be focused on checking people in who have 7-Day Passes AND checking in people with tickets to single day / sub-events.

7-Day Pass Holders need to show their Zupass QR code.

The way they access this QR code is…

  1. Heading to zupass.org
  2. image
  3. Typing in their email (the email used in Zupass must be the same one used to purchase their ticket on Lemonade)
  4. image
  5. Clicking ‘Continue’
  6. Typing their Password in
  7. image
  8. Seeing this screen with a number of event “Folders”
  9. image
  10. Seeing this screen, which is meant to be shown to a Check-In Attendant
  11. image

Once they see this screen, you as a Check-In Attendant must…

  1. Click the gear icon in the top right of your own Zupass account
  2. image
  3. Click ‘Scan Ticket’
  4. image
  5. The screen will show something like this. Scan their QR code inside the box.
  6. image
  7. You will see a screen showing that the ticket was valid if it is a valid ticket. If it’s not valid, they may be trying to forge their ticket. But more likely, there may be a bug with Zupass. If so, please send a message in this support Telegram channel asking for help, or if Richard, Rob, or Josh of the Zupass team are around, pull them over.
  8. You’re now done, and it’s time to hand the Zupass-holder a 7-Day Wristband!

Outside of helping check-in 7-Day Pass Holders, you may be asked to assist in checking in One-Day / Sub-Event Ticket Holders (see below).

Check-In Process for One-Day / Sub-Event Ticket Holders

Ticketing for single day events like Guild Day will be handled by both contractors of Invisible City (who will focus on 7-Day Pass Check-In), as well as volunteers/staff of our partners.

The reason why it might be helpful

The check-in flow may vary based on what ticketing platform a partner may be using for their event.

All people who are checked in for a sub-event will be given a wristband associated with their day. If their is no custom wristband, give people associated with a day event a generic day-pass wristband.

NOTE: Some people will show a Zupass QR code that is a Day Pass for the current Day. Do not give them a 7-Day Pass wristband. Give them the day-pass wristband.

Contact and Support

For inquiries or assistance related to the ticketing process…

Our team is readily available to assist with any questions or concerns regarding the ticketing process.

Our aim is to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants at Edge City Denver.