Introducing the Edge City Fellowship (Applications Open Now)

Introducing the Edge City Fellowship (Applications Open Now)

The Edge City Fellowship is a highly-selective year-long program that empowers young innovators across domains critical for human flourishing, such as crypto, AI, governance, biotech, longevity, and hard tech.

The Fellowship features a full-ride to a month-long immersive co-living experience that rapidly accelerates and grows each Fellow’s learning and professional network.

During this experience, Fellows will be surrounded by hundreds of mentor-type figures who lead their respective industry.

Interested in joining the fellowship? Fill out the application by 11:50pm EST on April 19th, 2024 to be considered for the June 2024 popup village. Last updated 2024-04-08

What Is Edge City?

Edge City convenes people working at the frontiers of tech, science, and society in popup villages across the globe. We will host two popup villages in 2024, one in Healdsburg, California in June and one in Southeast Asia in the Fall.

We aspire to be a ‘society incubator’— a lab of experimentation for new ideas, tech, culture, and organizations, all dedicated to accelerating human flourishing.

We believe that it takes a village to help a talented young builder reach their potential. This is why we are launching the Edge City Fellowship.


The Fellowship Experience

The Fellowship lasts one year, granting…

1) A full ride to one of Edge City’s popup villages.

This means your housing and ticket for one of Edge City’s 2024 popup villages are completely covered.

Fellows can choose to attend either:

  • Edge Esmeralda in Healdsburg, California (June 2024), or
  • Edge City Southeast Asia (Starting September 22nd)

We aim for your popup village experience to be the healthiest and most productive month of your year — a place to go deep in your work and learn from experts in frontier tech and science fields while incubating novel technology and ways of living.

Picture this:

Imagine living in a small town within walking distance of hundreds of people you admire. On your way to the coworking space, you run into your favorite author in the town square. After a productive morning, a friend a few desks over invites you on a walk to brainstorm a hackathon project. Then, at dinner, everyone gathers for a healthy meal grown just over the hill. The mayor pops in to share an update on the upcoming art festival, alongside a jam-packed weekend on the latest in AI and Biotech. Read here to see the programming schedule for Edge Esmeralda.

This is meant to be one of the most accelerative times of your life. This will rapidly accelerate your learning in many fields, and understanding of what opportunities you want to dive more deeply into during this critical time in history.

The normal cost of these experiences is several thousands in USD. And the experience is limited to only a few hundred people in each village.

2) Access to and mentorship from the Edge City Community

Edge City comprises a nearly unrivaled network of future-builders that includes leaders of AI, crypto, hard tech, longevity, and governance, at organizations like…

  • Protocol Labs
  • ETH Foundation
  • The Longevity Fund
  • Morpheus
  • NASA

Fellows will actively secure mentorship from members of this network, especially while they are a resident of one of the 2024 popup villages.

The beautiful thing about participating in one of our popup villages is that each relationship you build there can last a lifetime.


Fellowship Expectations

By the end of the Fellowship, each Fellow will have…

  • Contributed meaningfully to a popup village experience
  • Made significant progress on some body of work, and presented that to the wider Edge City community
  • Made dozens of high quality connections in fields they care about diving more deeply into, including one or more mentor relationships
  • Likely secured one or more internship/job opportunities

Who Are We Looking To Select?

We are looking for curious, kind and proactive talent from diverse backgrounds, who have demonstrated commitment to building solutions for a meaningful problem.

Examples of things you as an applicant could have done include but are not limited to:

  • Started a company with traction
  • Created a documentary or podcast about an important topic
  • Made a meaningful contribution at an established org
  • Completed a body of research related to tech/human flourishing

You must be 18 - 21 years old when you apply.

Credentials-wise, we only require that you have a strong proof-of-work portfolio. You don’t have to have graduated from high-school or college.

Our aim is to select 10 exceptional Fellows this year. 5 for each of the two popup villages for 2024.

If you can’t make one of the two villages for 2024, feel free to still apply to get on our mailing list.

Apply Here:

How Will the Fellowship Create Impact?

Young people are the future of humanity. They inject dynamism, innovation, and hope into society, bridging the gap between the old and the new.
  1. Capacity Building: Empowers fellows to become agents of human flourishing.
  2. Society Incubator Model: Advances multigenerational and cross-field collaboration.
  3. Youth Perspectives in Frontiers: Integrates dynamic, diverse youth perspectives into tech, science, and society.

Ready to Change the World? - Apply or Refer a Fellow

Apply Here:

If you think somebody is a great fit for the Fellowship, please send them the application form and ask them to mention your name as their recommender.

Apply by 11:50pm EST on April 19th, 2024 to be considered for the June 2024 popup village.


For funding or collaboration inquiries, email or DM Gary at

Detailed FAQ (Elaborating on the Fellowship experience and more)

When does the 12-month Fellowship period for a Fellow start?

For the 5 Fellows attending Edge Esmeralda, their 12 month Fellowship period starts a month before Edge Esmeralda begins. This means the start date is ~May 1st, 2024. For the 5 Fellows attending Edge City SEA, their Fellowship starts a month before that village, meaning around August 22nd, 2024.

What happens in the month before a Fellow’s 12-month Fellowship period?

In the month leading up to their village experience, fellows are tasked with constructing a comprehensive plan to maximize their time. This includes:

  • Kickoff Call: Fellows will get to know the other fellows of their cohort + formal start of the program.
  • Resident Directory Access: They'll get access to the directory to flag individuals they wish to connect with during the village.
  • Programming and People: Fellows will flag specific programming they're committed to attending and people they're eager to meet.
  • Central Learning Question: Identification of at least one central question to explore throughout their stay, with room for pivots as needed.

What happens during a Fellow’s popup village experience?

  • Weekly Fellow Group Meetings: Where Fellows share what they learned in the past week, get quality time with other Fellows, and plan how to maximize the next week.
  • Volunteering: Fellows will help out in different shifts for check-in, event production, and other activities that help the popup village flourish.
  • Attending Programming: Across many frontier tech and science topics, like that which is planned for Edge Esmeralda.
  • Hackathon Participation: Fellows are required to participate in two story-athons (future vision writing workshops, that envision a long-term path for a project to make societal impact) and at least one hackathon, with the current schedule alternating between these two kinds of events. The rough layout of weekends looks like:
    • Weekend 2 - Story-athon
    • Weekend 3 - Hackathon
    • Weekend 4 - Story-athon
    • Weekend 5 - Hackathon
  • Remote Work: If Fellows have secured an existing internship, they are encouraged to work on that during their village experience.
  • Meeting 1:1 with Mentors: Fellows are encouraged to set up exploratory chats with people they admire / want to learn from, and set up recurring cadence with those who feel a mutual desire to participate in a mentor-mentee relationship.
  • Journaling: Fellows will each maintain a weekly journal to document their learning journey—including meaningful encounters, lessons/insights, technologies that feel promising, and project ideas that have emerged.
  • Hosting Gatherings: Each Fellow is challenged to organize gatherings that reflect their interests, including at least one dinner party with all fellows and admired non-fellows.

What happens after a Fellow’s popup village experience?

  • Detailed Report: Each Fellow is required to publish a detailed report on their village experience, presented at a post-village meeting open to the community but mandatory for fellows.
  • Joint Blog Post: Each Fellow cohort will collectively publish a blog post for Edge City or partner sites, recapping their experiences to inspire future fellowship applications.
  • Project Identification: By the end of the village, each Fellow will have pinpointed a project to iterate on with the support of the Edge City community over the next 10 months, including monthly check-ins and quarterly major milestones. The project can be anything that aligns with the fellows passions + accelerating human flourishing, e.g., research, startup, etc.
  • Future Participation: Fellows are encouraged to attend future Edge City popup villages at a reduced rate and to be entrepreneurial in finding sponsors for their tickets and lodging.

Who is funding the Fellowship? How can I fund the Fellowship / a Fellow?

Edge City is open to funding or collaboration proposals. Please email or DM Gary at to discuss.

Fellowship funders will be celebrated publicly throughout the duration of the Fellowship they help fund, and will have access to special activities during Edge City popup villages.