Welcome to Edge City Denver Day 2 (Tuesday, February 27th)


Subject: Today is All About ‘Zero Knowledge’ with Scroll! Here’s What’s Going On ☀️

Hi friends,

Happy Tuesday! Today is all about Zero Knowledge, and we’re so excited to have Scroll overseeing programming. Scroll is a zkEVM Layer-2 network, with the mission of providing an accessible scaling solution that preserves the essence of Ethereum – trust-minimized, secure and open source.

Look forward to a day of talks, workshops, in-house quests, fun card games, interactive demos of projects building on Scroll, and more!


The Edge City Team

Key Details

Address: Invisible City, 941 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204

Note: The ‘Invisible City’ in Uber takes you to the wrong location. Uber is aware of this issue - it will just take time to have it be reflected in the Uber app.

Check-in: 8am - 8pm

Check-in Location: Directly on your left as you enter the parking lot of the venue from Santa Fe Street.

This is our AMAZING venue at 941 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204. Check out Gary’s annotation of this venue map below.

See some photos and videos of the venue here: https://wiki.edgecity.live/denver/venue


  • Bring your swimsuit if you’d like to participate in the sauna and cold plunge! They will be open 8am-11am and 3pm-6pm. Where can you find the sauna and cold plunge? Look for the GIANT inflatable igloo 🙂
  • Throughout the week there will be a small cafe for coffee, drinks, and bone broth. If you want to get proper food, there are great restaurants in the area.
  • If you haven’t yet, remember to get onboarded to Daimo for seamless payments and a $10 voucher! Your personalized link is in email you received from us on Sunday!
    • If you signed up to Edge City in the last 24 hours, you won’t have gotten a unique onboarding link.
  • Four lightning talk ideas were submitted for the Jokerace competition to win a Lightning Talk slot for Community Day (Saturday, March 2nd). Upvote your favorite idea ASAP (by ~4am Denver time Wednesday). Winners are selected in like 24 hours.
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